Kuriology art sculptures from studio workshop of artist/sculptor living in rural Cornwall, UK.

The Kuriologist 

"My inspiration comes from a love of museum ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’ collections, Natural History & classical Greek/Roman figurative & mythology sculpture. With occasional slight zest of dark Gothic macabre, steampunk or witchcraft elements". 

Many of the Kuriology sculptures are Assemblage, Mixed Medium, or Papier-mache in form construction.  Primarily wherever possible sculptures are created using re-purposed, found & recycled materials.


Kuriology Sculpture - ‘From behind closed doors’

 A FREE exhibition of a local disabled ‘outsider’ artist’s sculptures to be held at Helston Museum Gallery, Helston, Cornwall .  

 22nd June to 1st July 2017

 See youtube video: https://youtu.be/_hxH87-vbgk

 An exhibition of ‘mixed media’ sculptures primarily created using reused, recycled & re-purposed materials. Using objects gleaned from car boot sales & charity shops on rare trips out with Red Cross initiated befriender &/or more latterly the artist’s disability service dog.

 The sculptures reflect a love of museum ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’, Natural History, Taxidermy, witchcraft & pagan folklore, as well as figurative sculptures influenced by Greek/Roman mythology & history.

 “Housebound on disability benefits for 10yrs means a lot of time, but few resources to teach oneself to sculpt” – The Kuriologist

 There is also a justgiving fundraising appeal to help meet the artist’s costs of staging the exhibition


NB: Commission on sales of Kuriologist sculptures sold at exhibition will help fund award winning Helston Museum in Cornwall

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